Stud Earrings. Let your ears do the talking.

Stud Earrings. Let your ears do the talking.

I love earrings, so do you, otherwise you wouldn’t be here with me today.

Earrings complete any outfit, they are a bit like the icing on a cake. You can dress it up or dress it down, go bold or go simply beautiful with demure.

Our online collection is hugely diverse and includes a huge range of Drop Earrings and geometric style earrings. We also have more the 300 high-fashion products in our earrings collection.

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A pair of statement earrings continues to be a must-have jewellery piece to accessorise and maximise even the simplest outfits.

Promoting personality, bestowing colour or adding a dose of glamour – whatever your reason to indulge in this audacious trend, bold and beautiful earrings will always be a focal point of every modern woman’s jewellery box.

Here are some of the reason I love Earrings.


I’m a Huge fan of stud earrings. In fact, I wear them probably 95 percent of the time. I never leave home without them, even for the school run.

1 | They’re versatile

I love how versatile stud earrings are. They can be worn in any season, with any kind of weather, and to any occasion. I’ve worn studs to travel, to exercise, to work, for date nights, weddings, and lazy days around the pool. They’re just easy!

2 | They’re lightweight

I really can’t over-exaggerate how picky I am about the way things feel. If you don’t have a “texture person” in your life, I’m her. From bread to socks, and everything in between, I am incredibly persnickety. This is true for jewelry–and especially earrings. I like lightweight earrings that aren’t constantly brushing my neck, getting caught on my scarves, or generally annoying me throughout the day. Studs it is.

3 | They travel well

Stud earrings travel well both in my ears and in luggage. They’re easy to wear through an airport, comfortable to sleep in on a plane/train/car, and won’t pull or pop off when layers are being added or removed. And when they’re packed, they’re small (obviously), won’t get damaged, and can be worn lots of times on a single trip because of their versatility (see #1!).

4 | They’re timeless

I have a classic style, partially because it’s what I’m drawn to, and partially because I can’t be bothered to keep up with seasonal trends. I love that stud earrings can easily be worn through trends for years and look timeless and classy all the while.

5 | They’re pretty

Since the purpose of jewelry is for it to be beautiful, it’s important to note that stud earrings are very pretty. I love the way they frame my face and add interest to my outfit, even when I’m very casual. Studs are definitely my go-to easy and simple way to feel pulled together regardless of what I’m wearing!

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